Don’t forget one key protection we need: against tyranny of government

I take issue with the Jan. 17 editorial “The NRA’s true colors,” which supported the president’s 23 executive orders framed, ostensibly, to make our citizens safer. The Globe claims that the bans and limitations prescribed by these orders are all “sensible measures that do little to disrupt any law-abiding person who wishes to buy a gun for hunting, collecting, target practice, or self-protection.” The editorial ignores the foremost intent of the Second Amendment: for the citizens to protect themselves from tyranny in government.

I do not own a gun, but I am part owner of the US Constitution, and will not stand by and watch the president negate my rights for fraudulent reasons and speculative results. There is no evidence that banning guns equates to a safer environment. Take away all the guns, and the deranged among us would opt for alternative and more destructive weapons with which to vent their anger.

As this administration uses executive orders to bypass Congress, it seems increasingly clear that the White House move to ban guns is not nearly so much about protecting children as it is to protect the government from revolution.


We are a nation of laws, and those laws are spawned by our Constitution, which makes us a republic. Neither the president nor Congress has authority to abridge any part of the Constitution, and the Supreme Court is there to ensure that it doesn’t happen.

Donald Baker

North Chelmsford