letters | In defense of new england law

Unfair to denigrate school in critique of dean’s salary

In regard to “A princely paycheck for dean of unheralded school” (Page A1, Jan. 13): I was disappointed and offended by the article’s suggestion that New England Law, Boston, is not worth attending. My experience could not be more to the contrary.

I graduated with honors from the College of the Holy Cross in 2011, and enrolled at New England Law that fall. Over the past year and a half, I have received an excellent legal education. The professors I have had are wonderful educators who are dedicated to preparing their students for the practice of law.

It is one thing to criticize dean John F. O’Brien’s salary, but to denigrate the school and its community largely because it is not ranked by US News & World Report is unfair, especially in light of recent scandals surrounding those rankings.


The reporters appear to have made little effort to interview the school’s alumni, students, or faculty. Since its founding in 1908, New England Law has offered a high-quality legal education to its students, including those to whom other schools may not have given the same opportunity. For that, I am proud to be a student of New England Law.

William Brekka