Hagel’s warnings on Iraq War were echoed — by millions

I was grateful for the editorial about the nomination of former senator Chuck Hagel for defense secretary (“Hagel was right on Iraq — and is being punished for it,” Jan. 15), except for one sentence: “Almost all Hagel’s admonitions [about the Iraq War] proved accurate, which is even more impressive given how few people were giving voice to similar thoughts.”

This is in reference to Hagel’s Landon Lecture of Feb. 20, 2003, in which he raised serious doubts about the idea of a US war on Iraq. Five days earlier, on Feb. 15, I was one of about a million people in New York City, and an estimated 15 million worldwide, who were “giving voice to similar thoughts.”

Perhaps it depends on whom one considers “people” whose voices one needs to pay attention to. There were indeed few in Congress, but many out on the street.

Eva S. Moseley