We could lead way on improving end-of-life care

Kay Lazar’s article “Difficult discourse” (Jan. 21, Page 12G) is subtitled: “Despite expert recommendations meant to encourage talks about end-of-life care, many still do not spend their final days the way they would have chosen.” This article could serve as a catalyst for lawmakers, health care providers, insurers, and residents of the Commonwealth to redouble their efforts and work together to honor end-of-life wishes for care.

Advance care planning is a process. It requires intimate conversation, quiet reflection, and thoughtful choices.

When this process is undertaken and results in a written plan, choices are more likely to be honored, stress is reduced, and ultimately health care is delivered more effectively.


We can provide and receive better care, and Massachusetts can lead the way. Let’s start the conversation on Beacon Hill, in our boardrooms, and at our kitchen tables.

Cindy Mayher