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    editorial | PATRICK’S BUDGET PLAN

    Tax hike an insult to hardworking citizens

    I am a homeowner and taxpayer. I am not entitled to a comfortable pension with benefits, such as that provided to civil service workers. I will pay for my own benefits. I am simply someone who works hard to provide for my family and to save for a secure retirement.

    As such, I am offended by Governor Patrick’s proposal to raise the income tax. The governor claims to understand what the average taxpayer is experiencing. But he is naive, at best, given his half-hearted efforts to reform resource-draining spending. Whether in a bad or booming economy, the taxpayer is crushed by taxes and fees that continue to minimize our quality of life and our ability to save for retirement.

    Politicians refuse to acknowledge what most responsible people know and practice. You cannot spend beyond your means. Spending other people’s money irresponsibly is both ethically and morally wrong. I’m sure most elected officials don’t run their households in this manner. Yet they lack the courage, conviction, and integrity to respect the taxpayers and to protect our right to enjoy the fruits of our labor.


    The governor and the Legislature have not done their job in reforming the wasteful spending habits in this state. This is an insult to those of us who work hard, save, and manage our resources responsibly. Until our leaders address this shortcoming, they have no right to ask me to give them more.

    Edward Haddad