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    Without Second Amendment, we don’t have any other rights

    As we enter 2013, the government is trying to erode our Second Amendment rights. Whether you support firearm ownership are not, you need to realize that our Founding Fathers put this position into the Constitution for a reason. Our Founders believed that the people of this country should be as armed as our government.

    If we allow our employees (the government) to decide which rights we do have and cannot have, then they cease to be rights. You may be OK with restricting OUR Second Amendment rights, but will you be just as OK when they start coming for other rights? Without the Second Amendment, we don’t have any other rights.

    “From my cold dead hands” is more than just a quote; it’s a battle cry. I served my country, I fought for freedom, and I refuse to sit back and watch as our rights get trampled on and taken away.

    Mark Flaherty