Slots parlor would make bad situation worse in Danvers

RE “Plan calls for slots parlor in Danvers” (Metro, Jan. 22): The proposal of a slots parlor in the Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers would turn a bad dream into a nightmare. Once a welcoming, family-centered community with a small-town sensibility, Danvers has evolved into the crossroads for commuters and shoppers alike. Routes 1, 35, 62, and 114 and Interstate 95 cut through and around our neighborhoods, increasing traffic congestion and safety problems. An open invitation to even more daily transients would place an additional burden on our roads, residents, and resources. The soon-to-be-open Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School is challenge enough. I say: No thanks, developers. For Danvers, a slots parlor is a bad gamble.

Sally Ann Connolly