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    Health care costs weigh heavy on Mass. budget

    While Governor Patrick explains his proposed massive tax increase program as the need to build transportation infrastructure and add to education expenses, he doesn’t tell the story behind the need for these increases: RomneyCare and the way the Legislature has pumped up the cost of that program over the years.

    According to an editorial in The Wall Street Journal last week, health care is expected to account for 41 percent of the state budget in 2013, compared with 23 percent in 2000 and 25 percent in 2006. In real terms Massachusetts’ annual health care budget is 15 percent larger than it was in 2007, according to the Journal, while transportation plunged by 22 percent, public safety by 17 percent, and education by 7 percent.

    The answer to the tax increases should be a resounding NO, and the Legislature should instead start to dismantle most of the pie-in-the-sky additions to the health care funding laws.

    Kent E. George