Maybe it’s time for background checks on gun owners

RE “A Mass. hedge in FBI gun checks: State law prevents sharing of records on mental health” (Page A1, Jan. 28): It seems as if many of us are suddenly convinced that ONLY the mentally ill are committing all the gun violence in the country. I don’t like the implications of stigmatizing mental health patients, though I realize that recent atrocities were committed by mentally defective people.

We need to think carefully about how to make and keep records of ANY population that we think could or might commit gun violence. The first group on MY list would be gun owners. Monitoring of this group should be uppermost in the minds of law enforcement and thorough enough to be both a warning and a reminder that they are being monitored.

I actually would like to see most of the weaponry outlawed, and the Second Amendment gone, but that is probably wishful thinking.

Marcia Kaufman