Medical marijuana? Sure, but somewhere else

It is interesting that communities north of Boston are turning away medical marijuana dispensaries (“Many towns want to ‘just say no’ to pot stores,” Globe North, Jan. 27). Essex and Middlesex counties voted 216,049 to 134,969 and 464,186 to 253,532, respectively, in favor of the ballot question legalizing medical marijuana. That’s nearly 2 to 1. It appears that voters favor medical marijuana — in someone else’s town. This echoes the gambling issue, in which a similar majority of citizens who were surveyed favored casino gambling while another poll found most opposing casinos in their own community. Perhaps Massachusetts zoning approvals should be tied to these votes. Until then, voters should ask themselves whether they would want a casino or dispensary in their town before voting in favor of gambling or medical marijuana.

Jor Molchan