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    Their work may be good economics, but it’s not good baseball

    Andrew Zimbalist’s paean to the Red Sox ownership triumvirate is strained (“Francona’s petty payback to Sox owners,” Op-ed, Jan. 30). The Smith College professor praises their love of the team and game while mocking former manager Terry Francona’s. He even defends their $100,000 marketing study.

    Zimbalist writes, “The owners have invested nearly $300 million of their own money to preserve and renovate Fenway Park.” Has the good professor driven here from Northampton recently to see what they have done to our beloved bandbox? There’s hardly a square inch of open space not desecrated with advertising.

    The cost of food and drink, the constant interruptions, and the pretense of continuous sellouts may be good economics, but it’s not good baseball.

    Hanson Reynolds