Baby boomers need job help

RE “REPORTS suggest recession hit baby boomers the hardest” (Page A14, Feb. 3):

We cannot afford to ignore the plight of unemployed baby boomers. Many managers simply will not hire older workers, but the implication in the story that there is nothing we can do about that is shortsighted. I have spoken with many CEOs who believe that older workers make excellent employees, bring a wealth of experience, and serve as mentors to younger workers.

Unfortunately, good will alone will not put unemployed baby boomers back to work. It must be accompanied by action — a holistic approach combining legislation, funding for training, and educating our society to the realities and capabilities of older workers.


Facing a shrinking labor force, we need the older worker in order to stay competitive in the global marketplace. Besides, baby boomers make up nearly 46 percent of the working-age population. They are well educated, are a large consumer group, and are high-turnout voters who will not allow themselves to be relegated to the ice floe and forgotten.

Joan Cirillo

President and CEO

Operation A.B.L.E.
of Greater Boston