Women shouldn’t give up on fight for work-life balance

I think that Kara Baskin’s article “Having at it on ‘having it all’ ” (G section, Feb. 7) is defeatist (“But who told us we deserved to ‘have it all’ in the first place?”), and it gives businesses a big pass in terms of their part in promoting work-life balance.

America is 29th out of 36 countries in terms of work-life balance, according to the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. That is pathetic.

Business priorities are the tail that wags the lifestyle dog in America. Other first-world countries have managed to more artfully blend the priorities of business and family so that women don’t have to make such painful tradeoffs.


Almost every mother I know who prefers not to have, or cannot afford, a nanny would love a three-quarter work time arrangement if it were available to them. I think American women need to raise their voices on this issue, not roll over and give up.

Anne Schuette