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Football, like all sports, will always have viewers

Bob Ryan’s Feb. 10 Sports column “Considering the case against football” certainly stirs the pot. However, football is not going away, regardless of how many rules or adjustments are made to the game. People love football and its weekly ritual.

Ryan says that baseball and basketball would suit him fine if football went away. I remember when baseball was dying in the mid-1990s, and many couldn’t have cared less if baseball went away. Then suddenly these super heroes were dazzling everyone with incredible numbers — oops, that was because of performance-enhancing drugs.

Ryan says that as long as football is played, he’ll still watch. Of course he will. Just as he’ll watch basketball with corrupt refs and with players — forget fundamentals — taking a bus to the basket.


He’ll still watch, just as we all watch. He probably won’t be alone with his comments, but neither will the rest of us. Football, like all sports, is always evolving, and we will always be watching.

Mike Jankowski