Letter | Legalized Marijuana

Overrun by liquor stores and debris, he’d welcome a marijuana dispensary instead

About 75,000 die each year from causes attributable to alcohol. This is in STARK contrast to the fact that the number of deaths attributable to marijuana use is practically zero.

I am offended by the misinformation and propaganda regarding concerns over proposed marijuana dispensaries. I live in a community of about 6 square miles, with what seems like a liquor store on every corner. This does not include the countless bars and restaurants that also serve liquor or the smaller stores that sell beer and wine.

When I walk to my home, I pass a liquor store (no matter which direction I’m coming from), apparently drunken panhandlers, empty beer cans, nip bottles, and related debris. Compared to marijuana, alcohol is far more mentally and physically debilitating, affecting everything from emotional stability and reasoning to basic motor skills.


I would gladly trade any one of these alcohol-serving establishments in my neighborhood for a marijuana dispensary.

Andrew Padua