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Ex-Chelsea housing chief works system again

THE FORMER Chelsea Housing Authority director, Michael McLaughlin, has proven yet again that he can outwit the powers that be (“McLaughlin will plead guilty, assist probe,” Page A1, Feb. 16). After inflating his salary by up to $164,000 per year, setting himself up for one of the largest pensions in state history, and leaving with a golden parachute of two six-figure checks, only one of which the state could get back, he now has arranged to avoid any time in the big house.

One thing you’ve got to admit: This guy ain’t dumb. The fact is, he’s a lot smarter than the governor, US attorney Carmen Ortiz, and a host of federal prosecutors.

And what do we, the citizens of Massachusetts, get? Proof that there are crooked politicians in our midst.


Smart guy, there.

R. William Mason