Anti-gun zealots forced the NRA to turn right

RE SCOT Lehigh’s Feb. 20 column: one only has to look to anti-gun fanatics such as state Representative David Linsky whose apparent goal is to disarm all law-abiding citizens to understand the NRA’s opposition to further gun control (“The NRA’s sharp turn to the right,” Op-ed). The NRA turned to the right because gun ownership was under intense attack nationwide.

In 1975, a drive was launched in Massachusetts to ban handguns. I was instrumental in forming the Gun Owners Action League to defeat that effort. Since then, gun owners across the nation have been under continuous attack, despite the fact that all evidence shows that gun control fails to reduce crime or violence.

The response of the NRA has been to regard further restrictions as steps toward destruction of the Second Amendment. In this they are correct.

Clifford A. Levi