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Instead of hitting the vulnerable, call on wealthy to step up

The article “With no deal, cuts will start biting in 1st week of March (Page A5, Feb. 24) notes that people’s unemployment checks may drop by an average of $132 a month as of late March or early April. In addition, physicians’ Medicare reimbursements would be reduced. A lot of defense and education cuts would also happen if sequestration goes into effect as scheduled on Friday.

Doctors would treat fewer Medicare patients. Jobless people, already struggling to get by on their present benefits, would have an even harder time making ends meet. The article suggests that the impact of sequestration could be eased by cutting Medicare further and cutting Medicaid.

We haven’t gotten where we are as a country by attacking the most vulnerable. Yet that seems to be so much more acceptable to our leaders than raising taxes more significantly on the wealthiest members of our society.


Why shouldn’t the wealthy pay their fair share? America is supposed to be about fairness. Let’s restore a little fairness to our country by making a deal to avoid sequestration in which those who can afford to have a few dollars missing from their portfolios experience that. They still won’t have to know how it feels to be unemployed and not be able to put enough food on the table for their children.

Gregory R. King

West Roxbury