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Letters | $850m expansion plan for South Station

Project would boost transit system, connect people to jobs

Like the other parts of our transportation infrastructure, South Station must be modernized to meet current demand, grow our economy, and make Massachusetts more competitive (“An $850m plan to return South Station to bygone glory,” Page A1, Feb. 23). Today, there are considerable delays on the commuter trains coming from the South Shore and South Coast regions because they cannot fit into South Station. This is costing companies thousands of dollars in lost productivity and hours out of people’s lives.

Frustration with delayed commutes will increasingly force commuters into their cars, further clogging our highways. Modernizing South Station would build stronger connections between communities to the south and southwest of Boston, creating economic growth in those regions while reducing congestion and pollution on our highways.

Creating more capacity for commuter trains would facilitate South Coast rail, which would boost the economies of the South Coast and Greater Boston by connecting people to jobs. We must make the right decision not only to fund the current needs of our transportation system but to invest in projects that would connect regions, their economies, and people by rail.


Stephen C. Smith
Executive director
Southeastern Regional
Planning and Economic
Development District