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    FDA doesn’t have time to act as nanny to our eating habits

    In recent years the Food and Drug Administration has allowed thousands of terminally ill patients to die every year by denying them access to new drugs that have passed initial safety trials — and that were eventually approved — but about which the agency had not yet arrived at supposed certainty on their efficacy. In this context, the FDA has neither the time nor the competence to make decisions about every bite of food we eat (“FDA must act on sugar, salt,” Derrick Z. Jackson, Op-ed, Feb. 24).

    It is absurd to suggest that people eat, not what they like or what actually tastes better, but only what greed-motivated advertising tells them that they like. That is not part of a public health agenda; it is an anti-free-market ideology. But we have to be made to believe that we are not capable of deciding what we should eat so that we will accept the notion that we should not eat anything without government permission.

    We will hear more such nonsense because a government that pays for our health care will eventually act as if it owns our bodies. It does not.

    Richard E. Ralston

    Executive director

    Americans for Free Choice

    in Medicine

    Newport Beach, Calif.