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    letters | the sequester goes into effect

    Playing war games while the needy struggle for health care

    There was a telling juxtaposition of front-page stories on Feb. 23. In one story (“A message from Maine: no to health billions”) we read of the ideologically driven decision of Governor Paul LePage, who was a Tea Party-backed candidate, to stiff the working poor in his state who need health insurance, and in another story (“The right stuff for the ‘wrong’ side”) we read of troops continuing to train to fight in the style of the last so-called classic war.

    We seem to have plenty of money to teach pilots of “scores of bombers and fighters” how to redo Vietnam, but none to deal with poverty in Maine.

    On the war games, think for a minute: Is China going to attack its best customer or can Russia even afford to? On the poverty in Maine, let’s all head to Maine in 2014 and advocate to make sure LePage does not get a second chance to be such a misguided ideologue.

    Paul Nelson