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Outrageous that St. Patrick’s parade still bars certain veterans

It’s good to see that two candidates for a seat in the state Senate refuse to march in South Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade because lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender groups are excluded. The article “Candidates call for St. Patrick’s parade to be inclusive” (Metro, March 2), mentions that the Allied War Veterans Council, who put on the parade, has also turned away white supremacists, on the basis that the parade is not political.

It’s odd to assert that a parade emphasizing war and its veterans is not political, but it is outrageous that the organizers, many of whom are not combat veterans, continue to exclude Veterans for Peace and their allies, whose marchers last year numbered about 2,000.

I was surprised that the Veterans for Peace were not mentioned in the article. This year they and their friends, of whom I’m one, will march again. There is some progress: Rather than marching after the street sweepers, this year the sweepers will follow us; however, we will still march well behind the main parade.

How long before this nonsensical divide disappears?


Eva S. Moseley