Reform is far from lost cause; in fact, public cries for it

I am at a loss to understand the lead story in Thursday's edition of the paper (“Prospects limited for gun control,” Page A1, March 7). Since when is speculation about the possible outcome of a vital debate a news story as opposed to a subject for commentary and analysis in the editorial pages? This article places the Globe with other media who seem to constantly beat a gun-reform-will-fail drum.

To the contrary, most Americans — including many gun owners (like me), sportsmen, and gun enthusiasts, many moved by the senseless slaughter in Newtown, Conn. — have expressed their commitment to reforming controls on weapons in this country. Indeed, anyone who cares the least about safety, not just for schoolchildren but for police and other first responders as well as ordinary citizens, must support strict limits on access to combat weapons and magazines. Access to such weaponry is in no way supported by the Second Amendment.

A small gun-owning minority’s groundless fear of fantasized dangers drives its followers to exalt unfettered access to combat weapons above the lives of children, legislators, judges, and indeed their own families. Americans are fed up with sensible limits on gun access being thwarted by this radical fringe.

Paul H. Merry