letters | a storm sneaks into the area

Amid a flurry of missed calls, one forecaster nailed it

RE “ ‘Unusual’ storm dumped unexpected snowfall” (Metro, March 9): Almost all of the local forecasters missed the call on the latest storm. I say “almost,” because when I listened to WBUR on Thursday morning, Mark Rosenthal was singing a tune that differed from everyone else. He was talking about widespread snow totals of more than a foot and called those estimates conservative. I found his Twitter feed and website, where I received a fuller explanation. I’m not a meteorologist, but I do follow the weather closely, and what he was saying seemed plausible.

Now that the storm has passed, I thought it was necessary to note that Rosenthal nailed this one 24 hours ahead of time. Perhaps other forecasters should go back and examine what went into his forecast to see if they missed something. Or maybe he just got lucky.

John J. Krawczyk