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    letters | a storm sneaks into the area

    Kids made it to school in snow — only to be parked in front of the tube

    Mayor Menino sent the children of Boston to school on the day of the March 8 snowstorm (“Menino defends keeping schools open,” Metro, March 9). However controversial that decision may be, many children got to school safely. One 9-year-old who was interviewed for your article talked about watching movies in his third-grade class. With all of the attention being given to school improvement and making the most of class time, how many children who made it to school in the snow on Friday had a wasted day?

    Was there not a better use of this 9-year-old’s time? Even with a smaller group than usual, could the teacher not have provided a more enriching school day? How about researching weather phenomena with the class, writing and simulating a weather news broadcast, researching and debating the facts on global warming, playing a math game, writing a poem or story about the snow, or pretending to be snow people in an original play? I could go on.

    Shouldn’t teachers be mandated to have a contingency lesson on hand for days out of the ordinary? The children who made it to school were safe inside with hours of class time ahead. Just because it was snowing, should the teacher be allowed to just plug in a couple of movies?

    Julie Whitlow