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Climate change concerns stir opposition

I was incredibly disappointed with the State Department’s recent environmental impact statement on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline project because climate change was not sufficiently considered (“GOP uses report to renew pipeline push,” Page A13, March 3). This destructive project is now in its final review period, and the State Department will be accepting public comment for the next month. I, for one, have written to oppose this project, and I urge others to do the same.

Now is the time to start treating climate change as the serious, urgent matter it is, and start investing in renewable energy projects we can live with, instead of dirty, carbon-intensive energy that is slowly but surely killing us. Along with tens of thousands of other deeply concerned citizens, my husband, son, and I traveled to Washington last month to protest Keystone XL. We took the time out of our busy lives because we understand that it’s time to stop filling our atmosphere with greenhouse gases that are warming the planet, acidifying the oceans, and bringing us more of the extreme weather we have been seeing lately, such as droughts, floods, fires, and superstorms.

Those things cost lives and livelihoods. Why do we continue to invest in projects that we know are creating these outcomes? It’s time to change course.

Janet Lawson