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    letters | trouble in the pipeline

    Keystone project’s boosters not working in our best interests

    With their call for the Keystone Pipeline project to proceed, House Speaker John Boehner and other Republicans are virtually demanding license to use and abuse America’s landscape, even though there is ample evidence that Big Oil is no less sloppy in implementing the overall process on land than it is on water (“GOP uses report to renew pipeline push,” Page A13, March 3). Informed, concerned citizens should be taking the side of environmental groups on this issue.

    What pipeline proponents won’t tell us is who the true benefactors of the Keystone tar sands product really are. America’s “breadbasket” states need to prepare for the prospect that their lands will be trashed to satisfy Big Oil’s bottom line. In the event of catastrophe, they can count on an obligatory apology and a tiny fine (compared to oil companies’ obscene profits). For the companies’ continued recklessness, they receive a federal tax write-off demonstrating that any punishment is merely a cost of doing business. And we see no change in price at the pumps.

    Randy Johnson