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For father of 3, benefits of car-free living outweigh drawbacks

Seeking car-free tenants, architect Sebastian Mariscal initially had sought to skip required parking spaces in his design for a proposed 44-unit apartment building in Allston.Sebastian Mariscal Studio

Architect Sebastian Mariscal's proposal for a car-free apartment building in Allston is an idea whose time has come (“Space for skepticism in no-parked-cars vow,” Page A1, March 6). No matter how much people feel they love and need their cars, we must reduce our reliance on automobiles to help ensure that our planet remains habitable for our children and grandchildren. We simply have no other option.

As the father of three who has lived car-free in Cambridge for the past six years, I can say that the benefits far outweigh any drawbacks. Our kids experience valuable independence as they learn to navigate their way around the city. My wife and I, freed from acting as our kids’ chauffeurs, experience a calmer pace of life that is enforced by the benevolent restrictions of travel by bus, bike, and foot. In addition, by being out in the city we experience a greater sense of community and improved health.

While I understand that any change can be scary, the change that Mariscal is proposing is the only rational way forward. It just might turn out to be as rewarding for everyone as it has been for us.


Sam Christy