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    People of good works will always be soul of church

    My heart sings when I hear of the unselfish good works of the priests that Kevin Cullen wrote about in his March 12 Metro column “The soul of the church.” Tears came to my eyes when I read what Cullen thought Jesus would do if he walked into the Sistine Chapel, because deep in my heart and soul I know it is true. But, like millions of other Catholics, I continue to struggle with the reality of how the men in the hierarchy of our church let us down and continue to let us down.

    From the beginning of the abuse scandal, when a visiting priest at my parish had the gall to blame the media during his homily, to the outrage that cardinals who participated in covering up the abuse of little children also voted on the new pope, I have often wondered how I am going to explain to God at the pearly gates why I stayed in a church that would do such things.

    Well, Cullen has given me the answer. I will tell God that I stayed because of priests such as Jim Scahill, John Unni, Jack Ahern, and Doc Conway. God bless these and other holy men, and the holy women too. And thanks to Cullen for writing about them.

    Jeanne Connors