Letters | Boston looks to find path to best schools

Connolly’s vision for Hub schools attacks the real problem: quality

Tom Keane misses the point in his March 10 op-edcolumn Connolly’s bland plan for Boston schools.” I’m a voter who cares about schools, in part because I will have three children in the Boston public school system in the next five years. But we should all care about schools. Education lifts everyone up. And the lack of a reliable, transparent, and high-quality education system is sending families out of Boston every spring.

When it came time to propose a new school assignment policy, the powers that be were stuck in a mind-set of shifting lines on a map, in effect dividing us up for more of the same. City Councilor John Connolly, who is running for mayor, proposed a radically different plan. He put forward a vision for our schools that actually attacked the problem: quality.

Connolly isn’t afraid to say the things that need saying — that our schools aren’t good enough for all children, and that we’re losing families because of it. Keane had a nugget of wisdom in acknowledging that fundamentally, “Connolly is right: Good isn’t great.” If our city has a future, we need to aim for great.

Jenna Leschuk

West Roxbury