Letters | Boston looks to find path to best schools

Home-schoolers freed from confines, stresses of public education

Kudos to Jeff Jacoby for shedding light on the obvious but too-rarely discussed role parents must play in the education of our children in his March 10 op-ed column “Liberate schools from government.” Jacoby courageously asserts what so many of us home-schooling families already know and experience daily.

Clear aside the unionized, government-sponsored public-schooling industry in the United States and you will begin to encounter loving parents purposely nurturing grounded, spirited children who love learning. Home-schooled kids experience the world as their classroom rather than the confines of the nearest or best concrete building assigned.

A growing number of parents of all races and economic status are realizing there is a choice they can make in allowing a child to be set free from the dumbing down of standardized test culture. With their free play abandoned in a supposed race to the top, most public school kids I meet dread their daily overscheduled experience. This is in stark contrast to the happy, well-rounded kids I see thrive by being home schooled.


The recent debate over Boston’s school assignments only illustrates the misguided theory that schools, rather than loving, conscientious parents, will serve our children best.

Jeffrey B. Rubin