Longtime Phoenix reader feels pain as an underdog falls

There are a handful of times when I feel a lump rising in my throat as I read the news. Stories about underdogs I’ve been rooting for falling short easily cause this. When I heard of The Boston Phoenix shutting its doors, stopping the presses, and letting its employees go, I felt sadness beckon.

I’ve been a longtime supporter of The Boston Phoenix and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The alt-friendly features, quirky stories, and well-crafted reviews drove me to absorb the material and find my own passion for writing. The fact that I could pick up the Phoenix all around the city was an added bonus.

There were many times when the publication was a near and dear companion on long MBTA rides and during reading sessions in bed, late at night. With regret, I bid adieu to The Boston Phoenix and thank the paper for being an inspiration. I wish it could have seen these hard times through and come out fighting and strong.


I worry about the plight of other underdogs. While they may be small, they’re scrappy and offer so much.

Natalie Kfoury