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Patrick wrestles with credibility as he asks for $2b in more revenue

As a longtime, and long-in-the-tooth, citizen of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I have seen enough. I understand Joan Vennochi piling on Governor Patrick (“A Killins-sized problem with Patrick’s plan,” Op-ed, March 14) as he wrestles with a credibility issue in the midst of asking for $2 billion in new revenue.

I sensed an out-of-control spender as soon as he was elected governor, as I recall the $30,000 curtains and the leasing of a $46,000 Cadillac. Entitlement spending at the expense of hard-working taxpayers has seemed to be his routine during his tenure, as he has fought reforms to the EBT system and, when confronted will millions of dollars lost in welfare fraud, commented that the state’s “slippage rate” of unaccounted-for welfare families is at or about the national average.

Meanwhile, his appointees have been plagued with problems. Sherri Killins, who stepped down as commissioner of early education and care, could be just the icing on a cake that is growing stale. I can only imagine the answer to Vennochi’s question: “How many more Sherri Killinses are out there?”

Jim Kane Jr.