Where’s Congress when climate change is seen as military threat?

RE “CHIEF of US Pacific forces calls climate biggest worry” (Page A7, March 9): If a Navy admiral says our biggest security threat in the Pacific comes from climate change, then that means that members of Congress who stymie serious climate change legislation are akin to seditious subversives collaborating with multinational corporations, banks, and financiers who profit from the development and sale of fossil fuels.

When lawmakers feign doubt about climate change by repeating misinformation promulgated by fossil-fuel interests, they are effectively aiding and abetting the enemy.

So-called balanced reporting on the subject of climate change allows elected officials, fossil-fuel lobbyists, and others to continue their con game and fool the public longer. I appreciate that Bryan Bender’s article presented Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III’s information without resorting to phony balancing.

Judy Weiss


The writer is a member of the Citizens Climate Lobby.