Cambridge official’s salary another sign of rampant income disparity

In defense of his “high salary,” incoming Cambridge City Manager Richard Rossi says, “I will tell you that I work hard” (“Cambridge official’s salary hit,” Metro, March 19). Imagine all the hard work that would be required to make us all believe that he is uniquely deserving of $330,000 a year. Would this include direct, 24-seven access to his office for the people who are paying him to work so hard?

Or might we politely request that Rossi get over the notion that working hard justifies a salary that takes the good people of Cambridge to the cleaners. Rossi’s staff works hard too, as do people who clean bathrooms, teachers, etc.

What is required to reassess this national trend of paying the top dogs more and more and taking away from the middle and lower classes to feed the swelled egos of the few? This trend toward greater disparity in monetary distribution promotes the hierarchy of power and disables the collaborative efforts of the many.


This is not a good sign for those of us who value all who work hard as deserving of a more equitable pay standard.

Judith Kneen