Good works do not excuse detour from church doctrine

If Kevin Cullen does not want to accept the moral code of Catholicism, that’s his business (“The soul of the church,” Metro, March 12). He should not insult the intelligence of faithful Catholics, however, by trying to pass off his dissident friends, such as Father James Scahill and Father John Unni, as the real Catholics of our time. They’re not.

Advocacy for social justice and charitable care for those in need are integral to the practice of Catholicism. Nonetheless, our Lord founded a church, not a mere humanitarian enterprise. Culturally conforming Catholics such as Cullen invoke helping the poor as a kind of unrestricted license to evade the moral and doctrinal requirements of being a Catholic.

As for the “preening, dogmatic bishops” whom he dismisses, I presume Cullen means those prelates who believe it is wrong to kill the children of the poor through surgical and chemical abortions.

C. J. Doyle

Executive director

Catholic Action League

of Massachusetts