Boost for business underscores what Occupy battle is about

Thank you for last Sunday’s front-page article “Tax lobbyists help businesses reap windfalls,” a highly informative piece outlining the abusive lobbying practices that are diluting our tax base and increasingly dictating policy. We say, “At last!” Two years ago the Occupy movement sounded its first outraged alarm in the hopes that others would listen. It’s nice to see this publication helping to educate the populace on this, one of the movement’s core issues.

Government is broken. Electoral reform, tax reform, and regulation of the financial industries are desperately needed. The battle is going to be long and hard, with no quick, easy victories. A combination of efforts is needed, including an engaged, educated public and the participation of all; protests from the grass roots; more traditional political efforts such as lobbying our elected officials with calls, letters, and petitions; and working with established organizations on legislative efforts.

The Occupy movement was not meant to fix the problems plaguing our system. It was a wake-up call to the rest of us — one we hope more people will heed.

Betsy Boggia

Marcia Hutchinson


The writers are members of Occupy Natick.