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    Medical society committed to access to care for all people

    I respectfully respond to the March 23 letter “No satisfaction until disabled have access to all doctors’ offices,” whose writers assume that the Massachusetts Medical Society has a “blasé” attitude toward discrimination. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    The part of my statement to the reporter that was not published in the article “Doctors say their offices not equipped for disabled” said the following: “It is important for all providers to become familiar with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, so that meaningful, timely access to care can be provided to all patients whose mobility is impaired, whether by paralysis or obesity or some other reason.”

    Our policy is clear, unequivocal, and open for public review. We will continue to communicate with our members urging them to serve the common interest of physicians and patients alike, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, color, creed, or religious belief, and we will continue to strive for universal access to health care and nondiscrimination in health care settings for all people.

    Dr. Richard



    Massachusetts Medical