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A theory emerges on the November election

A lot has been written about Senator Rob Portman’s recent conversion to embrace gay marriage (“Where’s the political imagination?” by Simon Waxman, Op-ed, March 23), and many commentators, such as Waxman, stress rightly that it shouldn’t take a son’s coming out to realize the injustice of denying gay people basic and equal rights.

What has gone unsaid, as far as I know, is a discussion of the timing of the Ohio Republican’s turnabout on this issue.

I wondered during the presidential election why Mitt Romney did not pick Portman as a running mate, given his attractiveness as a candidate, his being less controversial than Representative Paul Ryan, and his coming from a key swing state.


Maybe it would have triggered a so-called gay problem for the Republican ticket.

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Portman can safely come forward, two years after his son announced his sexual orientation, now that the election is over and the country is catapulting toward acceptance of gay marriage.

Frederic Alper