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As a 1972 alumnus of Boston College, I was heartened to walk the campus this week and view the splendid addition of Stokes Hall and the renovation underway of St. Mary’s Hall. Despite the rough winter, the campus looks terrific. I was disheartened, however, by the article in the student newspaper The Heights detailing the conflict between Boston College Students for Sexual Health and the BC administration.

In 2013, for a college administration to fall back upon words such as “the mission of Boston College as a Catholic and Jesuit university” is the type of nonsense that today’s young people see right through for the outdated and hypocritical blather that it is (“BC tells students to stop dispensing condoms,” Page A1, March 27).

Is it Catholic and Jesuit to essentially promote pregnancies that, brought to term, would bring supposedly precious life into the world on an unwanted basis? Or to expose young adults to potentially lethal diseases when our culture bombards them with sexual messages? Or to reflect the ignorance of the Vatican by attempting to legislate human sexual behavior when the church itself cannot get out of its own way in terms of sexual quandary, scandal, and coverup?


I would have hoped that BC’s administration would mirror what I have seen there since I graduated. The school has evolved in so many terrific ways. But the threats generated by the administration toward forward-thinking young people who care about each other is against the mission of the school as an educational institution where students can live and learn safely.

Phil Bayer
Carmel, N.Y.