Some may see union divide, but ultimate fight is against inequity

In the article “Unions collide in Senate contest” (Page A1, March 22), you state that the friction between the Stephen Lynch and Edward Markey camps reflects a “larger divide within the national movement between its more progressive and centrist wings.” But this exaggerates the split, and any fallout from the Lynch-Markey race. When the primary is over, I expect that most working people will unite behind whoever is the Democratic primary winner. In fact, there is a growing consensus in the labor movement that we must elect candidates who will take stronger action on the gross inequality of wealth and power that so threatens the viability of our democracy and the well-being of workers. The heated emotions for one candidate or another reflect the desperation that so many of us feel to see meaningful — and long overdue — change at the federal level.

Rand Wilson


The writer is communications director for SEIU Local 888.