A satellite picture is worth a thousand words

There’s a popular photo on the Internet showing the Korean Peninsula at night. Below the 38th parallel, in South Korea, there is a bright constellation of lights, showing a thriving and peaceful society. Above the 38th parallel, in North Korea, there is near complete darkness, illustrating a society of oppression, labor camps, and starvation.

In his March 25 op-ed column “B-52s should remain strategy relics,” James Carroll writes that not only was our military intervention in Vietnam a mistake, but that “one of numerous deadly mistakes was the American intervention in Korea in the first place.”

Whatever the merits of the Korean intervention by the United States and United Nations forces, a glance at that nighttime photo plainly shows the results.


Were it not for American intervention, the millions living now in South Korea would be in darkness.

Brendan DuBois

Exeter, N.H.