Letters | Rethinking H-1B visas

American middle class suffers while program enriches the few

Finally, someone writes the truth about H-1B visas (“Outsourced, at home,” Op-ed, March 31). Thank you, Farah Stockman, and thanks to the Globe for devoting a full page to her column on abuses of the visa program.

I have been unable to obtain full-time employment for many years. Those jobs are taken by what Stockman describes as “a dream workforce: young people with no family obligations who feel grateful for the chance to work long hours for relatively low wages.”

It’s long past time to stop giving American jobs to overseas workers — whether they reside overseas or here — to the enrichment of the 1 percent and the impoverishment of the middle and lower classes. These incentives must end. The economic health of the American middle class depends on it.


If we truly need to import talent, which is doubtful, then bring them here as permanent residents and citizens, and make companies SHOW, not just CLAIM, that no qualified American workers can do the jobs.

Paul Sawyer