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Letters | Toward building a new way to park in Boston

No car owners need apply? That’s an outrageous case of bias

Architect Sebastian Mariscal had originally proposed a 44-unit apartment complex in Allston designed for tenants without cars. In response to opposition, he has reduced the number of units and now plans 35 parking spaces.Sebastian Mariscal Studio

I have no doubt that the Globe would properly express outrage if a landlord were to proclaim a policy proclaiming that Irish (or Italians or Jews or blacks — you name it) need not apply. But in its March 31 editorial (“Build the future with new people, not old ideas about parking”), the newspaper describes an Allston developer’s plan to rent only to tenants who pledge not to own a car with praise rather than abhorrence.

Evidently the Globe thinks it’s fine to demonize car owners to the extent that they can be denied access to rental housing. I wonder if the editorial board would be equally supportive of a landlord who, in the interest of an uncluttered lobby, required tenants to give up home delivery of the Globe.

Stanley Spiegel