Let’s not get carried away with praise for Margaret Thatcher

THE GLOBE chose to publish a rather glowing editorial on Margaret Thatcher after her death on Monday (“In Margaret Thatcher, tough stances and a can-do spirit,” Editorial, April 9). It seemed to focus only on her triumphs, and mentioned little or none of the pain she inflicted on ordinary British citizens. Newspapers in her native land were not so kind.

Just above the editorial about Thatcher was another piece deriding the withholding of school lunches from 26 schoolchildren in Attleboro last week (“Please, sir, may I have some more?”).

But didn’t the Iron Lady herself proudly restrict a free-milk program for schoolchildren early in her career, when she was the United Kingdom’s secretary for education in the ’70s? It is fine to be kind to the dead, but not at the expense of one’s principles.

Dave Hamilton