letters | dissent at a holocaust ceremony

No justification for memorial protests

THE PRO-PALESTINIAN demonstrators at the annual Holocaust Remembrance Day event at Faneuil Hall, who condemned what one protester called the “the politicization of the Holocaust,” didn’t merit mention in the Globe’s coverage (“Surviving dark days,” Metro, April 8).

All citizens have a right to express their views, but those expressed by the small band of protesters were irrelevant to the commemoration. President Obama recently went to great length in his Jerusalem speech to affirm Israel’s historic attachment to the land of Israel and dispel misconceptions that the Holocaust is justification for its statehood in the region.

Protesters should pay heed and showcase their platform at another forum. Publicly paying respect at least once yearly to the surviving remnant of the darkest chapter in human history offers an important wake-up call reminding all of us that even in civilized, enlightened societies the potential for evil to germinate into unimaginable horror is always present — and that we must be vigilant to its signs.

David Greenfield