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letters | Reeling from marathon terror

Placement of photo traumatizes readers

I am outraged at your choice to show a photo of a bloodied street with bleeding victims covering the top fold of the paper Tuesday. Yes, it was an act of terror. Yes, it was terrible for all involved to live through. But do NOT continue to reterrorize us by showing these images where they cannot be avoided.

Surely there were thousands of other photos to choose from that would have shown the chaos and trauma without retraumatizing us readers when we first picked up our papers or walked past a display of them yesterday morning. This causes secondary trauma.

As a therapist, I am sure that people from the Globe staff working at the Boston Marathon were deeply affected by what they saw and heard after the explosions. But it feels as if they are processing their traumas in the newspaper in the guise of reporting.

I will now have to hide the paper from my children so that they are not traumatized by it. Please be more thoughtful in the future. I do not want to be fearful of what my morning paper will show.


Barbara Marriott