letters | Reeling from Marathon Terror

Poised to join next year’s marathon cheering section

I recall the spirit of our nation after 9/11. We didn’t let the terrorists win because we refused to be cowed by cowards, defeated by defeatists, or bullied by bullies. Let’s call upon that great national spirit once again.

Next year there will be a Boston Marathon, and it will be glorious.

I plan to be one of the many standing at or near the finish line cheering all of the runners. I will hold a flag and wear a shirt with the face of one of today’s victims and a simple message to terrorists everywhere: You lose.


Let next year’s Marathon be a joyous occasion that informs those who would do harm to our bodies that nothing they can do will harm our spirits.

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Refuse to be a victim — don’t live in fear.

We will always remember. We will always be vigilant.

And we will always have the one and only Boston Marathon.

John Treadway