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    letters | notion of ‘protect and serve’ hits home

    Preparedness helped propel response to attack

    We can no more prevent all terrorist attacks than we can stop hurricanes or prevent all drunken-driving accidents. Law enforcement works together to stop potential attacks and to catch and successfully prosecute perpetrators.

    All levels of government and their public and private partners have taken steps to reduce the probability of attack, to improve response so as to lessen harm to people or property, and to more effectively conduct multi-agency criminal investigations.

    I’m one of many who have worked since before 9/11 to help public and private institutions, communities, and governments plan for, test against, and improve their ability to accomplish those goals. From what I’ve seen in Boston, the area’s volunteers, medical and disaster teams, and law enforcement, at all levels, have followed response plans in an exemplary manner.


    The quality of the Joint Terrorism Task Force plan and its implementation reduced injuries, saved lives, and increased the probability that those who planned to do Boston harm would be captured and eventually convicted. Boston should be proud.

    Samara A. Adrian


    The writer was the North Carolina terrorism and bioterrorism preparedness and response planner.