letters | notion and ‘protect and serve’ hits home

Region brought to standstill, but at what cost?

The successful and impressive law-enforcement efforts to locate the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy were a relief to all of us. Given the perpetrators’ horrific actions, the ensuing manhunt was necessary to prevent a subsequent tragedy.

There is, however, a lingering question that emerges from the lockdown of Boston and several suburbs as the second suspect was still at large. Under what circumstances is it appropriate to allow the aberrant behavior of a suspected killer on the loose to bring a region to a standstill?

Will the prospect of paralyzing the public and its economy empower other deviants to engage in similar heinous crimes? Only time will tell.


However, amid the cathartic celebrations and the “witch is dead” mentality that has surrounded the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the lockdown issue needs to be scrutinized to ensure that it remains an appropriate remedy and not an invitation for others to cause a similar result.

Steve Kramer